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We are a
Specialty Laboratory

Orthodontic Appliance fabrication is all we do. We love our work and since 1992 have the training and experience to deliver the finest orthodontic appliances for your practice and your patients.

A Full Range of Appliances

Superior Orthodontic Laboratory offers a full, complete and up-to-date range of ortho appliances, including Removables - Expanders - Functional Fixed/Holding - Habit Appliances and More!

We are ALWAYS Available!

We believe that Communications are essential for consistent superior case results. You will always be able to consult with the technician responsible for your case!

On Time
Every Time!

Superior Ortho has a reputation for efficiency! We realize how important it is to you and your patients, that cases arrive on time! Our Doctors can depend on the best orthodontic appliances - delivered on time- every time!

25% OFF!
Put us to the TEST

Get 25% off your 1st case to Superior Ortho. It's so easy to try us on a case. Call Chad at 828-304-0067 to consult on a case or request shipping labels!

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We accept STL Files from all the major intraoral scanners. Upload your STL Files HERE.

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